You Must Remeber This: BB and Vursatyl

By Brooks Hall Like most music lovers I have built relationships with many different songs over the course of my life. Not all of these relationships are intentional like my sorted affair with Vance Joy’s “Riptide.” Some of these songs are like close family friends as they seem to be in the background of every... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Musical Moments in Film

Think back to some of your favorite moments from movies. Did they leave an impression in your mind because of a song? By song, I don’t mean the score (although that’s certainly worthy of a post too). I’m talking about the way filmmakers include our favorite songs into movies to make a scene more meaningful... Continue Reading →

The Nice-Guy Rapper

After I finished last week’s post, I started thinking about some of the hip-hop artists I wrote about. I realized that for the past few years, a new(ish) narrative has developed in hip-hop songwriting: the nice-guy rapper. Rap has always been full of interesting characters. Now when I say character, I don’t mean these guys... Continue Reading →

The Most Distinct Voices in Hip-Hop

I really enjoyed writing the post about “ugly” voices, so I’ve decided to do a second installment on vocals. Vocals are so interesting because they can be the most immediate thing you hear and really impact a song. Guitar riffs, orchestral swells, and breakbeats can sound really similar, but voices can be distinct. Oftentimes, vocals... Continue Reading →

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